Dr. Bridget E. Hilliard

Greetings Woman of God;

I am so happy that you chose to visit this website.

If you stumbled on this site by accident this is an exclusive site for First Ladies in the Body of Christ. It is a unique site that gives us the opportunity to communicate with one another about our awesome role as Women of God.

A few months ago one of the ladies wanted me to address the struggles, hurts and pains of being a first lady. My response was that being a 'first lady is one of the greatest joys I have in life'. Of course she felt I was not being transparent enough; however even in the lean years I considered the role God had me in as a joy.

In the early years when I did not understand faith and how to apply the word to my life I was frustrated, it was not because of my role as a first lady; but because I just did not know how to have a good marriage.

I know God has called me to this role. I believe when we see your role as first the wife of a child of God and secondly as role model for others to see the love of God in your life you will enjoy the journey.

I trust that through this electronic media we can develop a family that understands we are all on the same team and the wisdom that we have and share with one another is priceless.

Thank you for being open and honest with one another and thanks again for participating in this network.

If you have not registered please register today so you can enjoy the benefits of the First Ladies Family we share here.

Special Wisdom Tip